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Staples For This Winter Season

Staples For This Winter Season

The holidays have officially winded down, leaving many of us feeling a bit down and out. It doesn’t have to be that way though! In fact, this time of the year can be especially fun for fashion.

Today we’re talking about some staples that are necessary for your winter wardrobe. Here are a few items we suggest stocking up on:


A Great Bag

All you need is one good tote bag and you’re set! Try a bag like this one, which gives off a stylish vibe. It’s big enough to carry around all of your necessities, yet not too big to be overly bulky.


A Go-To Pair Of Leggings

Leggings are an essential this season for both comfort and style. We recommend investing in a least one or two pairs that you really love. You know the kind — the pair that you put on, do a little spin in the mirror, and think, “Wow!” You’ll be wearing leggings over, and over, and over throughout the year. These are our personal favorite.


Some Handy Basics

Basics are also handy when it comes to layering, which is something you’ll want to do with your outfits as the weather continues to get cooler over the next couple of months. Basics are ideal for layering because they’re really simple to mix and match. For instance, a basic shirt like this can be worn on its own or under a cardigan, a flannel, or a pullover cable knit sweater. A basic clothing item allows us to make many outfits out of one piece of clothing — hugely helpful in terms of both saving money and saving closet space.


A Comfy Sweater

The last thing you’ll want on a cold, blistery day is to feel uncomfortable. So, cozy up in a comfy sweater like this one. You’ll wear this one endlessly this season. Style it with those leggings we talked about earlier, and you’re set.

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