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How To Layer: 101

How To Layer: 101

In the winter there is nothing we love more than being able to practice the art of layering. It’s the best season for it, after all. While some people might say they avoid layering to dodge feeling bulky in their winter clothes, we say – let’s do it up! Here are our expert tips for layering the right way.


Start with your favorite basic shirt.

In order to prevent that bulky feeling, try to keep the first layer as fitted as possible. Depending on how cold it is outside that day, choose an appropriate sleeve length. For the sake of these really cold days, let’s start with a long sleeve shirt like this one.


Add a great sweater.

Any sweater works for the second layer. A great option is a comfy and stylish cardigan, like this one.


Choose some jewelry.

A wonderful way to bring layering to the next level is by utilizing jewelry. For instance, you can add a choker like this one to your look to add a little bit of additional dimension.


Top it with a jacket.

In the wintertime you’ll want to be bundled up in style, so try adding your favorite jacket as the next layer. This faux leather bomber jacket is one that our customers can’t get enough of.


Finish the look with a scarf.


Chunky scarves are the best for winter. The scarf will help to finish off the look. When layering, try a tasseled one like this. It could with so many outfit options, so you’ll find yourself grabbing for it again and again.

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