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5 Signs Your Wardrobe Needs A Reboot

5 Signs Your Wardrobe Needs A Reboot

Nothing is quite as refreshing as looking into your closet and having a ton of great items to choose from. We’ve all been on the opposite side of that, too – when you peek into your wardrobe and see not a thing to wear. If this seems to keep happening to you over and over, it might mean you’re in need of a refresh. Try doing a sweep of the items you don’t need anymore and then look closely for obvious holes in your wardrobe.

Here are five signs your wardrobe needs a reboot:

1. You’re Always Saying You Have “Nothing To Wear”

Some of us tend to say this out of habit, but if you find you’re saying you have nothing to wear multiple times a week, take a moment to stop and think about it. Do you really have nothing to wear? Breeze through your closet and drawers and assess what’s there. If everything feels worn out and dated, chances are you’re right. Time for some new pieces! One piece we definitely recommend investing in is this vest, for instance.


2. Most Of The Items In Your Closet Seem To Be Ill-Fitting

Maybe you’ve outgrown some of your pieces. Maybe you’ve lost weight and the sizing is just all wrong. Whatever the reasoning, if you’re finding that many of the items in your closet are not fitting you properly, it’s time to swap them out. Jeans come to mind as one of the main items you’ll want to fit well. Another item you want fitting in all the right places? A bodysuit like this one.


3. For Every Formal Event, You’re Always Reaching Back To The Same LBD

OK, so that LBD looks amazing on – but how many times are you going to wear that same exact dress to your formal events? If this seems all too familiar, it might just be time to bring a new dress (or more) into rotation. Click here to shop some of our latest dressy looks that’ll brighten up that closet of yours.


4. All Of Your Bags Are Worn To The Max

Take a glance at your bag collection. Are all of them essentially falling apart from being used so much? If so, this is another section of your closet that might be screaming for a makeover. A cute new bag doesn’t have to be a huge investment, either. We love this one, for instance, which is just $68.


5. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Went Shopping

If you haven’t been shopping in a dog’s age… treat yourself, girl! You deserve it. A great way to step back into the shopping game is by browsing investing in some new basics. This is one of our favorite long sleeve basic tops right now. 

Now is the time to shop around the store – or from the luxury of your own home by heading to You’ll love the pieces you’re able to choose from!